In addition to the charge privileges you currently enjoy, you are now eligible for 13 other V.I.P. privileges:

Members-Only toll-free number for making travel reservations
5% cash back on ALL domestic hotels, airline tickets, car rentals, cruises
Credit Card Protection to register every debit and credit card you carry
Guarantee You Won't Be Responsible for your limited liability for fraudulent card charges
$100,000.00 Flight Insurance
$1,000.00 Emergency Cash wired to you
Emergency Airline Tickets arranged for you
Legal Defense Fund of $1,000.00
15% off on car rentals
$1,000.00 Credit Card Theft Reward
Used Car Buying Protection
Toll-Free Weather Reporting
FREE Merrick Bank V.I.P. Cardmember status for your entire family
When I accept this invitation by clicking the "Upgrade to V.I.P." button at right, my current standing qualifies me to upgrade my Merrick Bank Credit Card account to the invitation-only Merrick Bank V.I.P. Cardmember status. I am now approved. No application is required. Merrick Bank V.I.P. Cardmember status is not designed to replace my present Merrick Bank Credit Card, but rather to transform it to the elite status of a Merrick Bank V.I.P. Cardmember, making me eligible for all the privileges and features outlined in this mailer.... all of which will be further explained in the Merrick Bank V.I.P. Credentials I'll receive by return mail. The membership fee of only $49 will be billable annually to my Merrick Bank Credit Card account as long as my account is in good standing and for as long as I wish to remain a member. But if at any time my needs change and I wish to cancel for any reason, I can just call the special toll-free number to get a prompt, no-questions-asked, full refund of the current year's fee. The credit terms of my Merrick Bank Credit Card will continue to apply.

©2010 The Reunion Group (1.866.804.1937), a national card service organization unaffiliated with Merrick Bank, is the exclusive provider of Merrick Bank V.I.P. services and is responsible for making them available to you. Your decision to accept or reject this offer is voluntary and will not affect the terms of your present Merrick Bank Credit Card. By responding to this offer, please know that you will be disclosing that you are a Merrick Bank cardholder to a non-affiliated third party.

Important Notice: YOUR LIABILITY FOR FRAUDELENT CARD CHARGES FOR STORE, TELEPHONE, AND ONLINE PURCHASES IS AS FOLLOWS: For credit cards, under the law if the issuer has notified you of your liability limits and had provided a means for you to notify if of credit card loss, and if the credit card contains a way of identifying authorized user, then your liability for fraudulent charges made to your card before the card issuer is notified is up to $50 on each card. For debit and "cash machine cards", under law your liability for fraudulent use of your cards is up to $50 if you notify the card issuer of card loss within two business days. After that, for up to 60 days, your liability is up to $500. Or, if you do not notify the card issuer within 60 days of receipt of a monthly statement showing unauthorized use, then your liability is up to the total amount of unauthorized charges that occurred if you had notified the card issuer within that time. However, you liability under MasterCard and Visa regulations with respect to their cards is as follows: MasterCard personal use credit card liability is waived; for U.S. MasterCard business use credit cards, liability is waived if, among other things, the cardholder has exercised reasonable care in safeguarding the card. Visa credit card liability is waived only for personal use credit cards, not business use credit cards. For Visa and MasterCard debit cares, liability is waived only when a debit card purchase is signed-for, not for purchases using only a PIN. For MA residents, liability is limited to $50 maximum per card. Many card issuers' policy is not to hold the card holders liable. Merrick Bank's policy is governed by it's cardholder agreement with you. Card protection or renewal thereof is not required to secure or retain a credit or debit card.
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